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Pathway Analysis and Networks of Genomic data using Metacore

How to choose the right network building algorithm to test and expand your hypothesis. One aspect of

systems biology is to integrate complex interactions of biological systems. GeneGo provides a highly

annotated and dense interaction database with over ten different network building algorithms. Here we

demonstrate the strength of these tools in the ability to visualize signaling interaction networks and

expand on your hypotheses outside of the realm of your core research areas. This tutorial describes

each network building algorithm and modeling workflows including building with canonical pathway

interactions, with examples of when to use each. In this session we also highlight how to optimize the

visualization of your interactions of interest on a network we will build. We will show tools such as how

to add/ hide/show objects and how to manipulate visualizations of pathways using post‐filters such as

disease, tissue, orthologs or gene ontology processes.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm
Countway L2: Room 025
Harvard Longwood Campus
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Event Organizer

Reddy Gali

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